ZIMT owns two NEC SX Aurora Tsubasa vector nodes. Each node includes two vector cards (called vector engines, VE by the manufacturer).

Access and login

The vector system is accessable as vec01 and vec02 via ssh from the Uni network or Uni VPN (as usual, you have to append .zimt.uni-siegen.de). You will need access to the scientific computing resources (see here) to login in to the vector system.

The vector system is not fully integrated into the OMNI cluster. However the home directories of OMNI are mounted. This also means that a passwordless login will work if you have set it up.

The vector cards are not used as separate compute cards, instead the progam or software must use specific API calls.

You can find the NEC documentation for the Aurora vector system here.

Installed software

The installed software comprises mainly the development tools provided by the system manufacturer NEC, in particular the software development kit (SDK). The most important NEC tools include:

  • NEC compiler for Fortran and C/C++
  • NEC parallel debugger

In addition, other development tools are installed, particularly GCC and Python.

Caution: ZIMT has not tested these tools extensively and cannot guarantee full functionality of all features.

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