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Caution: this page contains information about the HoRUS cluster! The corresponding page for the OMNI cluster can be found here.

ZIMT has financed the purchase of the TotalView debugger by the company Rogue Wave Software. TotalView is used for debugging parallel C, C++ and Fortran programs. The installed version is 2017.3.8.

The links


have been set up by ZIMT for convenience.


The PDF files in /cm/shared/apps/TotalView/doc/pdf contain the extensive documentation of TotalView. On the login nodes, the command


will show this directory and you can open the PDF files contained in it. The documentation is also available online.

The man pages totalview and tvdsvr also contain useful information:

$ man totalview
$ man tvdsvr

Questions about TotalView can also be e-mailed to Gerd Pokorra.

Using TotalView

In order to debug with TotalView you have to compile your program with the -g option (this is true for both GCC and Intel compilers). That way, debug information is generated and inserted into the output files. The command totalview then launches the debugger.

$ cc -g try.c -o myprog 
$ totalview myprog

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