Welcome to the website of the Scientific Computing service of ZIMT.

ZIMT (Zentrum für Informations- und Medientechnik) operates the OMNI cluster and a number of other systems to provide scientific computation capabilities to all scientists of Uni Siegen. Using the systems is free for all members of the university.

If you would like to use one of our systems, or if you are looking for advice on scientific computing, contact us at hpc-support@uni-siegen.de or visit us in our weekly consultation hour.

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OMNI Cluster

The OMNI cluster is the central computing resource and the largest of our systems by far.

The cluster is used for example for computations in the fields of computational fluid dynamics, finite-element methods and chemical simulations. However, it is also designed with applications from many other fields (e.g. Big Data applications like Tensorflow and Pytorch) in mind.

The OMNI cluster consists of 439 regular compute nodes with 64 cores and 256 GB RAM each, as well as a multitude of other nodes for special purposes, including GPU nodes. Around 500 TB of total disk storage is available and the peak performance is roughly 1044 TFlops.

The installed operating system is Rocky Linux.

You can find more detailed system information here.


The cluster is operated by the HPC support team of ZIMT. If you have questions, problems or would like software to be installed on the cluster, you can reach us at:


or visit us in our weekly consultation hour.

All cluster users are also added to a mailing-list automatically which is used for news updates.

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