On this page, you can find everything about our consultation hourscourses offered by ZIMT, and events that are organized by other universities and institutions. Those events are listed in the HPC Calendar.

Consultation Hour

The HPC-Team offers a weekly consultation hour, in which you can join us for all questions and concerns about scientific computing.

Note: The consultation hour will take place through the Webex video-conference system, which will be held every week.

Scientific Computing Consultation Hour

  • Day: Every Monday
  • Time: 14:00 to 15:00

Meeting Details:

Caution: Currently, the consultation hour is only possible online, not in person.

With this invitation, we want to address students and employees who use scientific computing for their work or studies, independent of their prior knowledge, and whether or not they currently use ZIMT systems for their computations.

For example, we offer advice and support for the following topics:

  • Networking and knowledge transfer on scientific computing
  • Cluster usage
  • Problem identification and solving
  • Implementation of scientific computing
    • Assistance with the choice of appropriate programming language and software
    • Selection of suitable hardware or central compute systems
    • Software installation and usage
  • Efficient usage of systems and software
  • Workflow optimization (e.g. job management and data processing)
  • Performance analysis and optimization of self-written codes
  • Application for compute time on larger systems (tier 2 and 1)

Local Training Courses

ZIMT organizes a number of courses about scientific computing and HPC. The most important one is the Cluster Introduction Course, which every person who uses the cluster should attend at least once. This course is held at least once every semester, alternating between German and English. The slides are always in English and can be downloaded from past courses.

HPC Calendar

The HPC calendar is provided by the Gauss Alliance, a Germany-wide cooperation alliance of computing centers. It is an external element that is only embedded on the Uni Siegen website. It lists courses, but also other events, e.g. conferences. You can also find the calendar on the Gauss Alliance website. You can find details about individual courses and registration for them by clicking on the course. Registration is usually not done via ZIMT, but rather via the institution that organizes the event. Courses from the HPC calendar are often free, but not necessarily. Costs often vary for students and employees. In the future, courses from Uni Siegen will also be published in the HPC calendar.

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