ZIMT has financed the purchase of the TotalView debugger by the company Rogue Wave Software. TotalView is used for debugging parallel C, C++ and Fortran programs. The installed version is 2020.2.6.

The documentation is available online.

The built-in help function of Totalview (available via the “Help” button in the graphical user interface) is currently not available on OMNI, because no web browser is installed. However the documentation is available in PDF form as well inside the Totalview installation directory, specifically in the following folder:


Using TotalView

To use Totalview, you need to load the corresponding module:

module load totalview

The command to start Totalview is:


Note that, like all other graphical applications on the cluster your SSH connection needs to be established with X11 support and there needs to be an X server running on your PC, see also here.

In order to debug with TotalView you have to compile your program with the -g option (this is true for both GCC and Intel compilers). That way, debug information is generated and inserted into the output files. The command tv8 then launches the debugger.

cc -g try.c -o myprog
tv8 myprog

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