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Caution: this page contains information about the OMNI cluster! The corresponding page for the HoRUS cluster can be found here.

Ansys is a simulation software that comprises multiple modules for solving problems from various engineering disciplines. Examples for common modules include the Ansys module proper, which is a Finite-Element software for structural computations, as well as the Fluent module which is used for Computational Fluid Dynamics.

The versions installed on the OMNI cluster are 2020R2 and 2019R3. ZIMT owns 10 so-called research licenses, which may be used for all research purposes.

Caution: The module ansys is visible to everyone on the cluster. However, since Ansys is not free of charge, it may not be used immediately by everyone. If you would like to use Ansys, your chair or institution needs to apply for Ansys use first. The details of how to do that are described (in German) on the ZIMT website here.

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