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Dear cluster users,

GPU sharding is now available on the OMNI cluster.
GPU sharding enables the parallel use of a GPU by multiple Slurm jobs, this allows a more efficient use of our GPU resources.
Please check if the use of GPU Sharding is feasible for your computations.

More information is available on our website:


If you have questions or problems with using the cluster, open a ticket
by sending an e-mail to:

Best regards
Your HPC support team

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The GCC-Compiler version 12.2.0 is now available on the OMNI, which replaces the GCC-Compiler version 11.2.1. To use GCC-Compiler version 12.2.0, it is necessary to load the module gnu12/12.2.0.

$ module load gnu12/12.2.0

The GCC-Compiler version 11.2.1 will be removed on 01.05.2023. As the default compiler, version 9.3.0 is still loaded.

Aktualisiert um 12:16 am 18. April 2023 von Markus Becker

Dear Cluster Users,

Groupspaces are now on available on the OMNI.

Groupspaces are group folders for teams which are accessible from the login- and compute-nodes. Groupspaces will only be created on request of the team leader. More information regarding Groupspaces is available on our Website:

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Dear Cluster users,

due to the current situation we turned off about 15 % of our compute-nodes as an energy-saving measure.

We apologize for any inconveniences.

Best Regards,

Your HPC-Team

Aktualisiert um 11:39 am 9. November 2022 von Markus Becker