Dear colleagues,

the new University Cluster OMNI is soon operational and we would like to support new technologies and applications on the new architecture.

We learned that many research groups leverage Jupyter Notebooks already for their daily work either on their laptops or on local workstations. In order to bring this promising technology to the new University Cluster OMNI, we would like to collect your use cases, needs and requirements and develop concepts how your applications can benefit from the central resources. The new cluster is also equipped with two dozens GPUs which might give some applications an extra performance boost.

If you are interested in using Jupyter Notebooks on the new OMNI cluster, please join our online Jupyter workshop on December 15th at 2pm via
(During usual Scientific Computing Consultation Hour)

It would be of help, if you could prepare a short list of languages, applications/programs, libraries and tools you use within or together with your Notebooks.

Best regards,
Your HPC-Team

Monika Harlacher

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