Linux Introduction Course English (with HPC Focus), SoSe 2020

The Linux Introduction Course will take place on July 21 and take all day. It will be held in English.

The course will be held online using Zoom, regardless of how the coronavirus situation develops. The Zoom invite link will be emailed to all participants shortly before the meeting.

The basics of Linux will be covered. We recommend that all users who are inexperienced with Linux take this course at least once. The course takes place once per semester, alternating between German and English.

If you want to participate, please send an e-mail to

Jan Steiner
July 21, 2020
Virtual course (Zoom)
Max. Participants:

General Linux concepts

  • Command line
  • Processes, users and permissions

Files and directories

  • Wildcards


  • Environment variables
  • Pipes etc.

Other concepts

  • System configuration files
  • Symbolic links and aliases
  • Tips and tricks
Target Audience:
Employees and Students who are completely new to Linux



Since this is an online course, you will have to have a computer with internet access ready. The Zoom desktop app is highly recommended, because the in-browser version of Zoom does not allow screen sharing. This means that we cannot help you during the exercise.

Your computer does not have to have Linux installed, Mac OS and Windows are also possible.

If you use a Windows computer, we will use MobaXTerm to connect to the HoRUS cluster. You may install MobaXTerm before the course to save time, but in any case we will cover connecting to the cluster in detail during the first exercise. On Linux or Mac OS, no additional software is necessary.

If you do use your own Linux computer, any distribution is fine, only topics that are distribution-independent will be covered. We will not have time to cover Linux installation however.

You do not need access to the HorUS cluster to participate, but you may use your own account if you prefer.


Simply send an e-mail to to register.

If you are interested but do not have time on the specified date, please notify us as well. We will hold another course if enough people are interested.

Here you can find all relevant documents:
Slides Linux Introduction English, Summer 2020