Dear cluster users,

ZIMT is holding the first ever Matlab users’ knowledge exchange workshop on May 23, 2019.

This workshop is intended to bring together Matlab users in all departments of Uni Siegen. It is not a taught class like e.g. ZIMT’s cluster introduction course, rather it focuses on cooperation and discussion. It is also not specific to cluster applications (although those are one of the topics).

The planned topics are:

  • Demonstration of Matlab’s parallel features by ZIMT
  • Tips and best practices for using Matlab on clusters
  • Exchange of knowledge among the users
    • Short user talks (10 minutes plus 10 minutes discussion each), demonstrating the various uses of Matlab at Uni Siegen
  • Discussion
    • Potential synergy effects between users
    • What can ZIMT do to support all users?

We would like to ask for your help: we are looking for volunteers who would like to give a brief introduction talk about how they use Matlab (10 minutes). Use this unique chance to get advice and help with your problems from the entire Matlab user base at Uni Siegen!

You can find further information here.

If you want to give to participate, please notify us ( Please indicate if you want to give a user talk.

Best regards

Your HPC support team

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