Dear cluster users,

ZIMT has recently aquired an HPE Moonshot system, which, like HorUS, is available to everyone at the university. This system can be used for compute jobs in addition to HorUS.

The difference to HorUS is that the Moonshot technology is specialized for so-called High Throughput Computing. This term refers to workloads which consist of a large numer of small independent compute jobs (as opposed to High Performance Computing which describes small numbers of large interdependent jobs).

The Moonshot system is mostly integrated into HorUS and uses a separate SLURM queue ( `htc`) for submitting jobs. Your Home and Workspace directories and most environment modules are the same. You can also submit `htc` jobs from HorUS and vice versa.

If you believe that your computations are suitable for the Moonshot system we would be glad if you could test the system and give us feedback about your tests (

Please note that the CPU architecture is different from HorUS and we have not tested each module. If you have problems with individual applications please contact us.

Further usage tips can be found here:

We will be adding other systems in the near future and will keep you informed.

Best regards
Your HPC Team

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