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Caution: this page contains information about the HoRUS cluster! The corresponding page for the OMNI cluster can be found here.

Tensorflow is installed on the cluster in version 1.13.1. To use it, you need to enter the command module load tensorflow (more about modules here). The official documentation with tutorials can be found here.

When this module is loaded, a separate installation of Python 3.6.5 will be loaded, which is available with the command python. Since this installation is completely separate from the system Python, not all packages may be installed. You can install individual Python packages yourself with pip install --user <package name> (these packages will then be installed in your home directory and will only be available to you). More information about Python packages and pip can be found at our Python page.

Caution: when this module is loaded, the command python will launch Python 3, when it is not loaded, it will launch Python 2.

Tensorflow is available without any import in Python (inside the namespace tensorflow). Depending on your application, you might need to import additional packages, for example 

>>> import tensorflow_probability

will import the tensorflow_probability package.

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