Dear Cluster Users,

the new University Cluster OMNI is now available for production starting on Monday March 8th. The new system is several times larger than HoRUS and will replace it by end of March. Starting April 1st, no computations on HoRUS will be possible, but you can still log in after that to secure your data.

We have summarized all information at the following page. This includes gaining access, migrating your data, an overview of newly available hard- and software and other changes:

IMPORTANT: Even users who have HoRUS access already must request OMNI access again via Unisim.

You will receive the cluster address in the announcement e-mail via the HPC mailing list. If you do not have access yet, and are therefore not yet on the mailing list, you will be told the cluster address in the welcome e-mail when you obtain cluster access.

You will find detailed descriptions on the new system and its usage in the left side menu. Please contact us in case of questions or problems via

Your HPC-Team

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